Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sub Saviors

I highly encourage everyone to pick up this absolutely rocking compilation album dedicated to raising funds to be given to the Japanese Red Cross. This album was compiled by Sub Synthesis & GlitchDrop & it features tracks by 22 of the current top bass music artists & was mastered by the guru known as Bil Bless. Everyone involved in this album gained mad amounts of respect from myself by collectively deciding to donate the proceeds from this release. This release was originally planned to fuel future releases until the disaster struck - at which point everyone involved came together at the drop of the hat to perform this selfless act. Please check it out & donate what you are able to contribute. By making a donation & picking up this album not only do you get 22 massive tracks, but also the knowledge that your donation is going to make a difference to the lives of people who are in dire need of help & love right now. We really have the ability to help rebuild the lives that were turned upside down by this frightening turn of events so I ask you to check out this album & make a donation of whatever you can. For those of you unable to donate, you are still able to pick up the download for free via the Bandcamp page - though I promise the music will sound so much sweeter when it is the reward of extending a helping hand.
Listen to it below & then click this link to be taken to the Bandcamp where you can make your donation & pick up the album.

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