Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Overflow Of Bass

Today we are practically ripping at the seams with tunes.

First off, we have SoundShaman. I met him because he was one of the amazing people with Joshuasca that saved my (almost) failed festival experience. He has recently moved home to Texas where he is continuing to be an active part of his local music community.

Check out his Soundcloud for a couple rad mixes & check out this interesting remix & free download:
Humans doing ATLiens by SoundShaman musica

Our next artist is Quade. I first heard these guys out at a desert gathering & was blown away by their sound. I have been a follower since & enjoy every production I hear from them.

Check out their Soundcloud & follow them on there to receive high quality downloads of awesome tracks like this one:
Quade-NonStop ~ Follow us for 16bit Wav ~ by QUADE

& our last artist for today is, Eccy aka Marty Freebass. This cat moved to Santa Cruz with lots of good music & instantly was ready to rock the place. He recently moved back to New York but still stays active in our community by broadcasting via All Around The Bay Radio.

Check out his Soundcloud & give a listen to this track:
Eccy - moon walking by eccy - aka marty freebass

Before taking off, check out these brand new tracks from 2 artists I have already shared inside the blog.

First, a new track from Joshuasca:
Djinnerator by joshuasca

Our second new track is a new one from DJP aka Late Nite Bump:
Dee n bee by Late Nite Bump

- Love & bass

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