Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chicago - Send Some Bass Love 2 Japan & Win!

Today, we have a new challenge for all you Chicago readers - VibeTribe Empires & BassLove4Japan are bringing you an awesome show featuring ill.Gates, Bassbin Twins & Trillbass to help find relief to people of Japan this weekend. Bay Area Bass Blog has some free tickets to give to you supporters of relief efforts. So much focus is on the ability to be able to donate your money so this challenge is to include those of you who may not have any money to spare no matter how much you would like to be able to. So here is how you can win:
Get posting online or hit the streets & encourage others to lend support to the people of Japan. Raise awareness among your friends & community that it is cool to help & all of the ways they can become involved. Be as creative as possible but even something as simple as a status update/blog post can make a difference & let people around you know that helping is something we should all do & it is not uncool to care. & get on it - don't just post once - share, share, share! Make this a community effort, make it fun. Then send a photo/screenshot of your support to:
We will select a winner & contact you with your tickets by this weekend. If you win you will be given 3 free tickets to this event! Come on don't be afraid to show you care & you will get to party with your friends at the end of it!
For those interested in more information on the event itself visit:
It will for sure be a great night with great intentions so get out & become involved for your chance to win tickets.
& even if you are not from Chicago, please spread the word to your friends & community that caring is cool & look in to for events happening in your area/ways to involve yourself BassLove4Japan.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Smoking Hot Bass

Ill-esha dropped a new track today. All proceeds are planned to be directed towards anti-smoking organizations. Give it a listen:

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bay & Beyond

Today we are starting off with once again the return of the awesome Joshuasca with 2 fresh new awesome tunes. I encourage you to leave some love on his music to take his mind off the fact he is kept up inside due to crazy amounts of snow right now - even though his time snowed benefits all of us as it gives him a lot of time to finish revamping his studio & come up with more delicious new sounds for us to enjoy.

First off, a track that dropped last night which just as surely delivers as any track in his collection:
Follow.the.Stars by joshuasca

Next from him is a track dedicated to a girl who is a positive contribution to our local festival community. Josh featured a high quality download of this track to contribute to the BassLove4Japan organization.
Lilikoiloidial (hd) by joshuasca

Next, we have another artist who contributed a track to BassLove4Japan by the name of Traxmyth from San Jose, California.

Check out his contribution - this massive face puncher that grabs ahold & makes sure you pay attention from start to finish. Check out his Soundcloud for more big tunes incorporating rap vocal samples with fat beats served with a stacked side of sexy bass.
Stomach Ache by Traxmyth

Next two artists are not from California but both are big supporters of the bass community universally & both are artists on the Bass From Above album that is raising funds for Japan.

First is Gladkill from New York. He hit up California for the end of 2010 to share his sexy tunes & gained the love of the members of our community by rocking it with his sets of original tracks combined with his apparently rad personality. He will be returning to California to grace the killer Lightning in a Bottle line-up coming up & is definitely a set worth catching.

Check out this gorgeous track from his latest EP & then visit his Bandcamp to pick up his releases.

Next is Billy Blacklight aka Profresher of Minnesota. At the age of 21 he is creating major ripples being felt in all corners of the bass music community. His tracks incorporate the crunchy in your face feel that the dancefloor craves while still maintaining the kind of smooth beauty that makes it the perfect anthem to lay down by the fire to, if you catch my drift.
His upcoming tour schedule includes Madison, Wisconsin on March 26th, Boston on April 19th & Rochester, New York on April 22nd so make sure to make it out to show him some love as these gigs mark his first out of state gigs - but I can guarantee they will not be the last.

Give a listen to this track which will be available for free download as soon as he hits 1,000 followers on his Soundcloud. He is almost there so visit & give him some love to help tip him over the 1,000 mark.
Mercury (Free 320 available at 1000 followers!) by Profresher

Check out these links below to find more of his music:

Click this link to visit his Bandcamp where you can show your support by making a donation which will enable you to download his music.

He also makes & sells beats to be used for all you lyricists out there, which you can find examples of (along with plenty of other fat tracks) by visiting his Soundcloud.

Check out this free compilation album by GruntWorthy featuring one of his tracks along with many other tracks by more killer bass music artist.

That last link brings us to our final artists for today, Carly-D & Dr.Nobz. Founders of GruntWorthy music which is one of the most active bass music crews in the area. Constantly pushing new sounds & stellar artists they are constantly finding new ways to do positive for our community. Visit the GruntWorthy website for more info on their artists, events & releases.

Check out this thumper by the duo:
Carly-D & Dr.Knobz ~ The O.G. (fourthcoming GruntWorthy) by Carly-D

Love & Respect
-Bay Area Bass

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sub Saviors

I highly encourage everyone to pick up this absolutely rocking compilation album dedicated to raising funds to be given to the Japanese Red Cross. This album was compiled by Sub Synthesis & GlitchDrop & it features tracks by 22 of the current top bass music artists & was mastered by the guru known as Bil Bless. Everyone involved in this album gained mad amounts of respect from myself by collectively deciding to donate the proceeds from this release. This release was originally planned to fuel future releases until the disaster struck - at which point everyone involved came together at the drop of the hat to perform this selfless act. Please check it out & donate what you are able to contribute. By making a donation & picking up this album not only do you get 22 massive tracks, but also the knowledge that your donation is going to make a difference to the lives of people who are in dire need of help & love right now. We really have the ability to help rebuild the lives that were turned upside down by this frightening turn of events so I ask you to check out this album & make a donation of whatever you can. For those of you unable to donate, you are still able to pick up the download for free via the Bandcamp page - though I promise the music will sound so much sweeter when it is the reward of extending a helping hand.
Listen to it below & then click this link to be taken to the Bandcamp where you can make your donation & pick up the album.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Abundance of Bass

Since it's been a while since my last post, I have a bunch of new tunes for you today. Also, recently started a Facebook page for this blog, it would be much appreciated if you gave us some love by following & liking this link:
Bay Area Bass Blog on Facebook

To start it off, we have the artist SPL of Oregon. Like all the artists I choose to share on this blog, he is an avid supporter of the community & backs his music with positive intentions & a good attitude - check out this remix by him up for free download to hype the forthcoming Shakes release.
Check this out & then check out Hollow Point Recordings for more awesome music & info on their talented artists.

Next, we have the artist Erothyme who I met at my birthday party while he was staying in California. He had really positive energy & was really in to the awesome music he was playing which gained a lot of respect from me. Give a listen to this track & check out his Soundcloud for many more free downloads.
Floraform Sensorium by Erothyme

Next up, we have a forthcoming release by Real Mad on MalLabel. MalLabel were kind enough to share this free 320 download with all you readers. The full release is due to hit on March 22nd. Though this artist is from South Africa, MalLabel is a local label pushing quality bass music & producing many rad events.
Beverly Waves Her Hand Goodbye (Free DL) by MalLabel Music

Next, we have an artist from San Francisco by the name of Shipwr3k. I found out about this artist by a mutual booking & really loved his tunes when I checked them out. At that show, he ended up really impressing me even beyond what I had expected from his productions. Give a listen to the track below & you can pick up the album this track is on by visiting his Bandcamp.

Next, we have a beautiful remix by an English artist by the name of Rich Riddim of a track originally produced by the Russian artist Mzai. Check out Rich Riddim's Soundcloud for a whole ton of rad diverse tunes. I know neither England or Russia scream Bay Area but I invite you local artists to remix this yourself by following the link & downloading the remix stems (& if you do a remix & submit it to me I will share it via the blog):
Remix Stems
Mzai - Miracles (Rich Riddim Remix) by Rich Riddim

Our next artist is Outersect. He creates beautiful music & is always down to share it. His music is very intricate incorporating many worldly sounds & substance while still being very danceable. Check out this track & visit his website for more awesome music & info.

Next, we have an artist from Los Angeles. I was sent his music by a friend of his (who is now the writer of our art blog.) Give it a listen for yourself & check out his Soundcloud for more tasty tunes:
In A Cloud Of Smoke by Unseen Sound

Before leaving, I am sure you have all heard about the current horrors in Japan. For those of you wanting to find a way to help, check out this awesome foundation called BassLove4Japan incorporating our community in to the relief efforts taking place in Japan. Click on the link above or the image below to be directed to their site to find out how to donate or how to involve yourself.

Quade contributed a track to be included on the BassLove4Japan's forthcoming compilation to raise funds for the Japan relief efforts:
QUADE - Canopy (BassLove4Japan) by QUADE

I also just made & contributed a track to the BassLove4Japan compilation.
Lupee [BassLove4Japan Contribution] by 5amSam

The compilation will select certain tracks that have been submitted & will be available for download when you contribute to the organization but I made an offer that whether or not my track makes it to the album, I will give a free download of that track & any other track on my Soundcloud for those who donate to either the BassLove4Japan organization or any other organization dedicated to providing relief to those in Japan.
Follow this link for a quick list of other organizations dedicated to extending a helping hand to the people of Japan.

-Love & respect

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fresh Bass Harvest

Hope you are all getting ready for a bassy weekend. Got a quick entry for you to check out today.

First off, we have two up & coming young artists from my hometown by the names of Thick Buckets & Charles Cutlass. Check out this new tune up for free download:

Next we have another tune from a fresh new artist from my hometown by the name of Gnarkotix.
Living Lavigly by Gnarkotix

Our next artist today is the talented Rollie. I recommend giving some love to his Soundcloud for a whole ton of quality tracks spanning many different genres & all up for free download.
Check out this dope jungle track for a little taste of what you will find:
Jungle Fever by Rollie

Finally, for those of you who are looking for a mix to check out on your way to whatever you are getting in to this weekend, check out this dope mix of all originals by Mad Zach:
Mad Zach Mixtape 2011 by Mad Zach

Love & respect,
Bay Area Bass

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Overflow Of Bass

Today we are practically ripping at the seams with tunes.

First off, we have SoundShaman. I met him because he was one of the amazing people with Joshuasca that saved my (almost) failed festival experience. He has recently moved home to Texas where he is continuing to be an active part of his local music community.

Check out his Soundcloud for a couple rad mixes & check out this interesting remix & free download:
Humans doing ATLiens by SoundShaman musica

Our next artist is Quade. I first heard these guys out at a desert gathering & was blown away by their sound. I have been a follower since & enjoy every production I hear from them.

Check out their Soundcloud & follow them on there to receive high quality downloads of awesome tracks like this one:
Quade-NonStop ~ Follow us for 16bit Wav ~ by QUADE

& our last artist for today is, Eccy aka Marty Freebass. This cat moved to Santa Cruz with lots of good music & instantly was ready to rock the place. He recently moved back to New York but still stays active in our community by broadcasting via All Around The Bay Radio.

Check out his Soundcloud & give a listen to this track:
Eccy - moon walking by eccy - aka marty freebass

Before taking off, check out these brand new tracks from 2 artists I have already shared inside the blog.

First, a new track from Joshuasca:
Djinnerator by joshuasca

Our second new track is a new one from DJP aka Late Nite Bump:
Dee n bee by Late Nite Bump

- Love & bass