Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More bass!

First off today we have the fresh new duo known as K-Theory. They have quickly boomed on to the scene & have been gaining global recognition. No matter where you are reading this, you can be sure K-Theory will be hitting a town by you in the very near future. Their quality tracks incorporate interesting psychedelic sounds while still being sure fire dancefloor rockers.
Their remix for the Nit Grit remix competition has risen to the top & stands to be a very strong contender among the overwhelming number of remixes coming in.
NiT GriT - Babylon (K-Theory Remix) by ReGriT

Or visit their Soundcloud for more fresh tracks & even this free downloadable mix full of originals.

Secondly, as to keep with the vibe of our last artists we have a favorite of mine for a while now & another local psy artist gone dubstep, Bird of Prey.
His deep, sophisticated sound makes him hard to pass up & his tracks definitely live up to the name of psystep.
Make sure to check out his Soundcloud to hear his stellar productions a beautiful remix of the Fever Ray track "Coconut" up for free download & this downloadable mix with a healthy serving of his original tracks:
Bird of Prey-Exclusive Mix on Basstream Radio (free download) by Bird of Prey

& for all you local bassheads, the talented Guttstar is coming to visit us from the East Coast for the first time this week. Hitting a free show in Santa Cruz tonight at Club Motiv alongside Andrew (of Dub Pirates) vs. Ryan J, Minnesota (playing a set of originals) & Skulltrane vs. Zombie-J. Looks to be one hell of a night tonight! Guttstar will also be hitting up Oakland this Saturday.
Here is a little taster of his style from his Soundcloud for those of you who don't already know:
Lazer Sexscape (Free EP Download by Guttstar

If you liked what you heard, grab his free EPs by following these links:

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