Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Little Oakland Love

Today, as I have been over in Oakland the past few days, we have some sounds out of this side of the bay for you!

The first artist we have for you is the awesome SquidEye aka Naked Slice. This cat is guaranteed to keep the crowd rocking, carrying a diverse collection of rad tunes & always enjoying himself behind the decks bouncing around with a smile on his face.

Check out this tune or visit his Bandcamp for more original jungle/breakcore/bassy tracks:

Our next artist is the talented ElectroAss. This man very possibly has the most diverse collection of music out of anyone I know & is constantly playing music all over the board & pulling out new tricks behind the decks.

Visit his Soundcloud for some of his own original productions, & give a listen to this badass oldschool jungle mix:
Ragga Jungle Mix For (((TRANSIT))) by ElectroAss

& for those of you who can't get enough jungle, here is a mix by the lovely Mariposa:
Mariposa@IN2IT062808 by jahmariposa

& incase that just still wasn't enough jungle for you, here is another brand new badass mix of some oldschool by the awesome Jasper of Santa Cruz:
Deep In The Bush by Jasper Ramirez

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