Friday, March 11, 2011

Fresh Bass Harvest

Hope you are all getting ready for a bassy weekend. Got a quick entry for you to check out today.

First off, we have two up & coming young artists from my hometown by the names of Thick Buckets & Charles Cutlass. Check out this new tune up for free download:

Next we have another tune from a fresh new artist from my hometown by the name of Gnarkotix.
Living Lavigly by Gnarkotix

Our next artist today is the talented Rollie. I recommend giving some love to his Soundcloud for a whole ton of quality tracks spanning many different genres & all up for free download.
Check out this dope jungle track for a little taste of what you will find:
Jungle Fever by Rollie

Finally, for those of you who are looking for a mix to check out on your way to whatever you are getting in to this weekend, check out this dope mix of all originals by Mad Zach:
Mad Zach Mixtape 2011 by Mad Zach

Love & respect,
Bay Area Bass

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