Friday, March 18, 2011

Abundance of Bass

Since it's been a while since my last post, I have a bunch of new tunes for you today. Also, recently started a Facebook page for this blog, it would be much appreciated if you gave us some love by following & liking this link:
Bay Area Bass Blog on Facebook

To start it off, we have the artist SPL of Oregon. Like all the artists I choose to share on this blog, he is an avid supporter of the community & backs his music with positive intentions & a good attitude - check out this remix by him up for free download to hype the forthcoming Shakes release.
Check this out & then check out Hollow Point Recordings for more awesome music & info on their talented artists.

Next, we have the artist Erothyme who I met at my birthday party while he was staying in California. He had really positive energy & was really in to the awesome music he was playing which gained a lot of respect from me. Give a listen to this track & check out his Soundcloud for many more free downloads.
Floraform Sensorium by Erothyme

Next up, we have a forthcoming release by Real Mad on MalLabel. MalLabel were kind enough to share this free 320 download with all you readers. The full release is due to hit on March 22nd. Though this artist is from South Africa, MalLabel is a local label pushing quality bass music & producing many rad events.
Beverly Waves Her Hand Goodbye (Free DL) by MalLabel Music

Next, we have an artist from San Francisco by the name of Shipwr3k. I found out about this artist by a mutual booking & really loved his tunes when I checked them out. At that show, he ended up really impressing me even beyond what I had expected from his productions. Give a listen to the track below & you can pick up the album this track is on by visiting his Bandcamp.

Next, we have a beautiful remix by an English artist by the name of Rich Riddim of a track originally produced by the Russian artist Mzai. Check out Rich Riddim's Soundcloud for a whole ton of rad diverse tunes. I know neither England or Russia scream Bay Area but I invite you local artists to remix this yourself by following the link & downloading the remix stems (& if you do a remix & submit it to me I will share it via the blog):
Remix Stems
Mzai - Miracles (Rich Riddim Remix) by Rich Riddim

Our next artist is Outersect. He creates beautiful music & is always down to share it. His music is very intricate incorporating many worldly sounds & substance while still being very danceable. Check out this track & visit his website for more awesome music & info.

Next, we have an artist from Los Angeles. I was sent his music by a friend of his (who is now the writer of our art blog.) Give it a listen for yourself & check out his Soundcloud for more tasty tunes:
In A Cloud Of Smoke by Unseen Sound

Before leaving, I am sure you have all heard about the current horrors in Japan. For those of you wanting to find a way to help, check out this awesome foundation called BassLove4Japan incorporating our community in to the relief efforts taking place in Japan. Click on the link above or the image below to be directed to their site to find out how to donate or how to involve yourself.

Quade contributed a track to be included on the BassLove4Japan's forthcoming compilation to raise funds for the Japan relief efforts:
QUADE - Canopy (BassLove4Japan) by QUADE

I also just made & contributed a track to the BassLove4Japan compilation.
Lupee [BassLove4Japan Contribution] by 5amSam

The compilation will select certain tracks that have been submitted & will be available for download when you contribute to the organization but I made an offer that whether or not my track makes it to the album, I will give a free download of that track & any other track on my Soundcloud for those who donate to either the BassLove4Japan organization or any other organization dedicated to providing relief to those in Japan.
Follow this link for a quick list of other organizations dedicated to extending a helping hand to the people of Japan.

-Love & respect

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